Saturday, 25 July 2009


what a lovely Saturday~hehe
morning went to school for cocuriculum.
i think this is the 1st time so free in both uniform and club
at uniform, talk and talk and talk.
ah wen still bring her camera and take our pics.
and i just waiting for her to tag me in facebook and I'll let those pictures to say the story xD
after that went to club. take photograph.
then that teacher was so........[don't know how to say =.=]
she don't know that the Drama Club was having some competition in the hall
so she call us to practice our dance in the hall,
but after that we only know we have no place to practice
but at last we just go to class to chit chat =0=

this is the view from me in the class.
all chit chat-ing even me too xD
but i feel better than we still need to practise our competition dance again and again...
it's tired...

After that, went home and bath and start online without eating my lunch =X
today I'm late to write blog cause I was addicted with the Plurk and HongKong meetoto xD
all of them were playing the new HongKong meetoto.
actually it's the same but their type of talking was different and fun
hehe...that's all for today and I'm now going to watch the Final round of ASQ!!

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