Tuesday, 7 July 2009

School Life 7/7

Today~so syok that Bio and BM teacher was absent xD
2 period of Bio after PJK~chit chat non-stop with them~
and another BM 1 period at the Hall. chit chat non-stop again xD
LOL. and today the school dentist came and check many of us geh teeth
me too but luckyly I'm in "braceses" xD (paiseh forget how to spell =.=)
and actually nothing special happen...
and thanks for XiaoBai gave me the Dragonica Setup
woohoo~thanks dude! I'm gonna try out the Online games! xD
fighting~~ahaha 1st time play this kind of game
but I wan to try SDO!! T.T
I have called ev to give me the installer too but my thumbdrive was so naugthy!!
ish...but now, my mum started to blame about my results T.T
why am I so lazy?! this question I have been ask myself over 10 times =.=

I really addicted on my computer...
meetoto. facebook. blog. and slowly maybe will in online games!
haiz...what gonna do?! just let it be~ =.=
and I hate ORAL!!! this Thursday...
Pity me kena at the 1st!!!
ish... hate that NOOB english teacher! why put me at the 1st~~ T_T
haiz...and tomorrow...assembly! gonna cut my nails~
and my trophy...wait for me!!! tomorrow I'm gonna get you back! xD LOL.

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