Thursday, 23 July 2009

2 Indian Bitch

[this article is about my school bus 2 indian bitch!]
Hey bastard! do both of you know that half of the bus students hate you?!They do really hate you 2 either me and my brother and those primary students!
Scold my brother pondan?! "juling" people?! grab people's seats?! knocked into people with purpose?! backstab all of us?! being selfish?!yahh. do you what you like!! but that's call an Idiot Bastard!! very fun huh?!
just now you backstab all of us with your indian words we still nothing cause we can say back you 2 with our good mandrin!
but you scold my bro pondan?! you 2 very man huh?! do until you 2 very "geng"!! *vomiting!!
walao eh!! my fire havent burn up yet!! DAMN you two!!
your faces were not pretty but always act emo!! it's UGLY!!!!
thin until like "teko"!! no shape of ya body!! I think you 2 are the most ugly human in the WORLD cause of your attitude!!!!!!!!
just now still draw bus chair, say my brother pondan, want to cut Hui Yi's skirt...?!?!
damn you 2 I don't think so easy!!!
that day still don't give primary girls open the window I already very geram d...
now still so "jin kak jek akk"!!!! leh lao I didn't see before such a bitch!!!!leh lao ehh find 1 day I'm gonna make you 2 no face to see people BITCH!!!!!!!

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