Thursday, 16 July 2009

Report book day.

hey hey~ quite few days didn't update my blog again
just came back from taking my results from school.
that's why...our school morning session,who's average below than 50% or BM fail will kena
see teacher!
ahaha~ so great that my average was below than 50% and my BM... =X
the reason -- online too much T_T
my mum had warn me,
weekdays cannot touch your Pinky!
wuwuwuu~~~ tried to control lah huh =P
and my teacher had teach me a way to improve my BM -- read more newspaper
NO WAY!!! I hate to read newspaper T0T
LOL.I don't know how am I going to take SPM if I continue like this... I'm gonna concentrate on my BM... =(

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