Tuesday, 21 July 2009

School Life 21/7

ehh humm... Today was a quite special day
let me start the story from here~ [abo from where =.=?]

okay. 1st period-PJK. surpose to let us free~
but that KPC geh WPC...walao suddenly say want do hami ke"hami"an thing
she let us play a game [don't know how to describe],
then she take picture and maybe wanna put on our school magazine O.O
LAME. but luckily I'm not in the game cause my back was injuired xD
after that still teach them some Yoga =0=
okay this is the 1st weird thing.

2nd period-Bio. that WPC let them do those LAME exercise and late let us back to class
so we change our cloths and walk until bio lab is already late
mana tau?! except for our class 6 person sooooooo early go down mia,
others kena write down our name on a paper, 1stly is dono why,
but after recess, they told us that teacher give that paper to Pn.Lim d!
OMG. whole class 23 student maybe gonna kena dimerit again?!
ish..! damn her >.T

3rdly,BM period. My group gonna present the Lisan today.
I have prepared until 80%. mana tau before I present,teacher say others were no good!
damn her! gonna redo on Thursday T.T

4th~ Sejarah period-our form teacher period.
what an emo facey when she came in our class.
and after she settle her own thing,she told us that she wanna change some of them's place
OMG. she really is cincai lai lo O.O
change until all beh syok =X
but I'm so lucky that I'm still home sweet home xD

lastly~ moral period.
that malay teacher called us to do something and today discuss.
actually I don't know wanna do what =.=
but fortunately, suddenly stomachache,away from class.
and she ask 1 by 1 to answer
I think 3/4 of the class didn't do [include me xD]
and again, she called those who stands[who didn't do] to salin 10 times question and answer AGAIN
ish...yesterday BM, today PM
alahh...but she didn't record their names, so I think I also no need to do xD

I think that's all for today. special lehh~~LOL. xD

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