Thursday, 23 July 2009

School Life 23/7

the article I post just now...I know is very rude =.=
LOL. now talk back about my today's life
yesterday Weline told me that today the singing competition result out d.
before look at the results I'm so scared of it =
but after that, my mind told me that I didn't waste my time to download the song and practise xD
but at the final round I don't know I need to change song or not cause my song at the last part have problem =(
okay jump topic. another thing is today 1st period bio,
we really go down to canteen 1st before bell rings and after bell rings we straight go to the bio lab
not just us, the whole class!!! woohoo~ xD
and the teacher's face very...[hng! =.=]
suak lo! next time back to original - after 10minutes only go down!!
neh neh neh~~ xP
then BM period, lisan presentation!!!
oh marks was qutie bad from my team!! wuwuwu T.T

oh! another thing I need to mention so that I can remember.
from now onwards,I don't want to sit beside XinYing anymoreeeee!!!!!!
leh lao ehh. that day bon odori, we 4 person sit on the field and she was beside me
then we talk talk until something "oxox" about her,
she straight push me! she felt she push me very lightly,
but the way she push, I "tiok cheh gia" and fall down until like want...
aiyo!! I don't know how to describe T.T
the improtance is she was very strong,so she push me until very hardly and I'm just gonna fall until dono how to say =.=
and today, BC period discuss essay and I sit beside her again
the same thing happen! just today I'm sitting on the chair!!
LMAO! if I'm slow I think I'm now in the hospital =.=
ahaha...but she was quite funny also xD

until now...already 6 nearly 7pm...
my homework still infront of me!!woohoo~~
but my hand still on the keyboard and also mouse xD

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