Thursday, 30 July 2009


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nowadays very might be less online...(or not if I was lazy xD)
everyday was so tired but I'm lazy to take a nap =.=
nowadays meetoto also very "sien" too...haiz...
and monthly test is coming~~damn it. I hate to study X(

oh no! my mouse~~~~was spoiled TT
so I need to use the pad on the laptop but it's so hard
I can't take it any longer!!!
waiting for PC fair~~~ I wanna buy a NEW and CUTE mouse xD
LOL. but still need to wait for 1 week =(

this saturday is my school singing competition FINAL.
oh god...I'm not 100% prepare...hope that day will be fine and lucky =]

Monday, 27 July 2009

QB with Fish

July 27, 2009 0

Was ponteng from computer class today =X
the reason is I'm so tired nowadays =[
and the weather was so irritating! I HATE HAZE!!
LOL. come back to the original topic.

Yesterday went to queensbay with Fish and some friends.
I was there about 12 something cause Fish said she will be there at 12.
mana tau when I sms her, she was still on her bed =.=
nevermind. I went to starbuck with my sister a while
and after an hour,Fish only reach. [I waited so long for this "da gah jeh"]
after that we went to the YE Sales there to find our friends
so many people...beh syok =.=
liao we met Bossie and Chia Ying and also Sue Wei.
Bossie said that they wanna watch movie
Fish said that she 5pm going back but my sister say that she wanna study until 8pm only back =.=
luckily Bossie said wanna watch movie if not I'm going to walk alone for 3 hours
we watch the movie "The land of lost" without Fish and Huai Theng =(
that movie is very very funny xD
I think I'm too lazy to write every thing.
so lets read the pictures ^^ bossie and chia ying. We were at Dome before movie. bossie eating baskin xD

look! a pig is eating ice-cream!! oh dear xD

chia ying and huai theng. what a nice pose. gotcha! xD

another pic of a pig eating ice-cream =X

after movie, we went to Old Town. bossie is drinking suck a BIG cup of......I don't know what is that =.=

[waiting for Fish's picture. to be continue]

Sunday, 26 July 2009


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还好没有浪费我的钱去sms投票给他 X3
娃哈哈~希望她的签唱会会来到槟城咯 =]

等下就要飘去QB咯~有YE SALES啊 =D
期待期待~ ^^

Saturday, 25 July 2009


July 25, 2009 0
what a lovely Saturday~hehe
morning went to school for cocuriculum.
i think this is the 1st time so free in both uniform and club
at uniform, talk and talk and talk.
ah wen still bring her camera and take our pics.
and i just waiting for her to tag me in facebook and I'll let those pictures to say the story xD
after that went to club. take photograph.
then that teacher was so........[don't know how to say =.=]
she don't know that the Drama Club was having some competition in the hall
so she call us to practice our dance in the hall,
but after that we only know we have no place to practice
but at last we just go to class to chit chat =0=

this is the view from me in the class.
all chit chat-ing even me too xD
but i feel better than we still need to practise our competition dance again and again...
it's tired...

After that, went home and bath and start online without eating my lunch =X
today I'm late to write blog cause I was addicted with the Plurk and HongKong meetoto xD
all of them were playing the new HongKong meetoto.
actually it's the same but their type of talking was different and fun
hehe...that's all for today and I'm now going to watch the Final round of ASQ!!

Friday, 24 July 2009

School Life 24/7

July 24, 2009 0
今天懒惰用英文。用华语咯 =]

今天…火警练习咯…好彩是在英文节 xD

不好意思……有点过头了 ==
不过还好那最后两节是我最讨厌的其中几节 =.= [shhhh...]
最后一句……很辛苦啊啊~~!! =.=

*additional : 我要讲那两个bitch……
jin kak mou?! 哇唠耶大胆包天!!我看星期一等着看好戏咯~~
哇呵呵报应报应!! xD

Thursday, 23 July 2009

School Life 23/7

July 23, 2009 0
the article I post just now...I know is very rude =.=
LOL. now talk back about my today's life
yesterday Weline told me that today the singing competition result out d.
before look at the results I'm so scared of it =
but after that, my mind told me that I didn't waste my time to download the song and practise xD
but at the final round I don't know I need to change song or not cause my song at the last part have problem =(
okay jump topic. another thing is today 1st period bio,
we really go down to canteen 1st before bell rings and after bell rings we straight go to the bio lab
not just us, the whole class!!! woohoo~ xD
and the teacher's face very...[hng! =.=]
suak lo! next time back to original - after 10minutes only go down!!
neh neh neh~~ xP
then BM period, lisan presentation!!!
oh marks was qutie bad from my team!! wuwuwu T.T

oh! another thing I need to mention so that I can remember.
from now onwards,I don't want to sit beside XinYing anymoreeeee!!!!!!
leh lao ehh. that day bon odori, we 4 person sit on the field and she was beside me
then we talk talk until something "oxox" about her,
she straight push me! she felt she push me very lightly,
but the way she push, I "tiok cheh gia" and fall down until like want...
aiyo!! I don't know how to describe T.T
the improtance is she was very strong,so she push me until very hardly and I'm just gonna fall until dono how to say =.=
and today, BC period discuss essay and I sit beside her again
the same thing happen! just today I'm sitting on the chair!!
LMAO! if I'm slow I think I'm now in the hospital =.=
ahaha...but she was quite funny also xD

until now...already 6 nearly 7pm...
my homework still infront of me!!woohoo~~
but my hand still on the keyboard and also mouse xD

2 Indian Bitch

July 23, 2009 0
[this article is about my school bus 2 indian bitch!]
Hey bastard! do both of you know that half of the bus students hate you?!They do really hate you 2 either me and my brother and those primary students!
Scold my brother pondan?! "juling" people?! grab people's seats?! knocked into people with purpose?! backstab all of us?! being selfish?!yahh. do you what you like!! but that's call an Idiot Bastard!! very fun huh?!
just now you backstab all of us with your indian words we still nothing cause we can say back you 2 with our good mandrin!
but you scold my bro pondan?! you 2 very man huh?! do until you 2 very "geng"!! *vomiting!!
walao eh!! my fire havent burn up yet!! DAMN you two!!
your faces were not pretty but always act emo!! it's UGLY!!!!
thin until like "teko"!! no shape of ya body!! I think you 2 are the most ugly human in the WORLD cause of your attitude!!!!!!!!
just now still draw bus chair, say my brother pondan, want to cut Hui Yi's skirt...?!?!
damn you 2 I don't think so easy!!!
that day still don't give primary girls open the window I already very geram d...
now still so "jin kak jek akk"!!!! leh lao I didn't see before such a bitch!!!!leh lao ehh find 1 day I'm gonna make you 2 no face to see people BITCH!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

School Life 22/7

July 22, 2009 0
woohoo~nowadays so many homework...
but good that I've done all in school
I told myself I really need to stop addicting on my Pinky!
but I'm still lose control T.T
haiz...left no more 1 month is going to take the monthly test...
just say that hope I'm lucky =X
and today that Pn.Lim really come and find those 18 ppl.
LOL. kena stand on the field for 10 minutes recess time
but actually I felt that stand=no need to stand xD
tommorow the first period is bio again!
we decided to not to go up to class but straight go to bio lab!
haha...later teacher "tiok cheh gia" like see 18 ghost! xD LMAO!
oh shit! tommorow Lisan =.= gotta go to memorise~ =(

*additional, just saw ah fok and ah wen de blog...
saw those pic of me in bon odori were so so so so DAMN ugly!!!
yeeewww...I don't wanna paste on my blog =X
ehehe~~ XD

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

School Life 21/7

July 21, 2009 0
ehh humm... Today was a quite special day
let me start the story from here~ [abo from where =.=?]

okay. 1st period-PJK. surpose to let us free~
but that KPC geh WPC...walao suddenly say want do hami ke"hami"an thing
she let us play a game [don't know how to describe],
then she take picture and maybe wanna put on our school magazine O.O
LAME. but luckily I'm not in the game cause my back was injuired xD
after that still teach them some Yoga =0=
okay this is the 1st weird thing.

2nd period-Bio. that WPC let them do those LAME exercise and late let us back to class
so we change our cloths and walk until bio lab is already late
mana tau?! except for our class 6 person sooooooo early go down mia,
others kena write down our name on a paper, 1stly is dono why,
but after recess, they told us that teacher give that paper to Pn.Lim d!
OMG. whole class 23 student maybe gonna kena dimerit again?!
ish..! damn her >.T

3rdly,BM period. My group gonna present the Lisan today.
I have prepared until 80%. mana tau before I present,teacher say others were no good!
damn her! gonna redo on Thursday T.T

4th~ Sejarah period-our form teacher period.
what an emo facey when she came in our class.
and after she settle her own thing,she told us that she wanna change some of them's place
OMG. she really is cincai lai lo O.O
change until all beh syok =X
but I'm so lucky that I'm still home sweet home xD

lastly~ moral period.
that malay teacher called us to do something and today discuss.
actually I don't know wanna do what =.=
but fortunately, suddenly stomachache,away from class.
and she ask 1 by 1 to answer
I think 3/4 of the class didn't do [include me xD]
and again, she called those who stands[who didn't do] to salin 10 times question and answer AGAIN
ish...yesterday BM, today PM
alahh...but she didn't record their names, so I think I also no need to do xD

I think that's all for today. special lehh~~LOL. xD

Monday, 20 July 2009

A short Article

July 20, 2009 0
a short article. gonna tuition soon TT
hate school lah~~ just love my fren =)
today that DAMN Y***D*** called some of us to copy 10 times of the Drama Seri Nara sinopsis!!!
DAMN HER!!! I felt my lil pity finger nail like gonna drop off...
I hope that's just a pain ='(
tomorrow still gonna Lisan of another Cerpen...
I'm still in a blank of that Cerpen =
LOL. that's all for here. T.T

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Bon Odori.

July 19, 2009 0
woohoo~~昨天去了Bon Odori回来 XD
所以结论就是没有自拍到 T.T
最后就只是我们3个拍到照 =.=
今年还欣颖的爸爸那么迟来…所以接近12点才回家 O.O
更爽的就是我能够在bon odori看他们“日本版”烟花了!!
[edited] 看到有人带他们的超可爱超活泼的狗狗~我忍不住拍了起来XD

到那边就一直讲话讲话罢了……闲到连这种场面也拍起来 =.= [重点:那是舞台]

以上两张也是我手痒拍的…那两位小美女是明星吗?呵呵~他们是可爱到让每个人“手痒”去拍他们起来 xD 我想其中几位可能是记者吧?他们应该会上报纸 XD

超多小朋友滴!!可爱到~~~跑来跑去 XDXD


这张超美滴!xD 不能怪,我拍照技术好 =X

这是宇宙吗?很像咧~烟花散开了就让我拍到酱了 ^^



壮观! =D

好多烟哦~~ =X



多多个在一起 =D




还有很多很多很多很多烟花照~我看我不必再放了吧……要的话跟我拿 xD

Saturday, 18 July 2009

New Layout

July 18, 2009 0
Finally...I have change my layouts xD
I think many of you will feel my last layout has outdated and old d...
and I just found this layout -- DONUTS!
haha kinda cute ^^
just rush to do it cause now I'm gonna prepare to go out~~

Friday, 17 July 2009


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心血来潮~用回华语 xD [我懂我不会用词 ==]
谁叫那个傻大姐毕业了…只好找我之所谓的偶像:晶雁小姐来陪我合唱 xD
第一次跟她合唱…害怕……害怕会害到她没有得进决赛 O.O
结果现在喉咙痛啦 T0T 最好明天跟我好起来啊……不然不用去学校也罢 ==

刚才飘去我自己的album去看…说真的…7月还没有拍到照片 =.=
hiak hiak~~明天呐~~有得去Bon Odori!!
朋友们!!表看我自拍一定多到不行,跟你们拍照要比我自拍多!! xD
哇呵呵~~几期待明天的说 X3
有去的,要meet我的跟我讲一声吧 =D

[change back to English a while]
Lastly~ wish my Beloved Cousin - Natalie a Happay 11 Burfday!! =D
Wish you pretty forever and have a good results and don't grow taller than me =X

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Report book day.

July 16, 2009 0
hey hey~ quite few days didn't update my blog again
just came back from taking my results from school.
that's why...our school morning session,who's average below than 50% or BM fail will kena
see teacher!
ahaha~ so great that my average was below than 50% and my BM... =X
the reason -- online too much T_T
my mum had warn me,
weekdays cannot touch your Pinky!
wuwuwuu~~~ tried to control lah huh =P
and my teacher had teach me a way to improve my BM -- read more newspaper
NO WAY!!! I hate to read newspaper T0T
LOL.I don't know how am I going to take SPM if I continue like this... I'm gonna concentrate on my BM... =(

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Sunday, 12 July 2009


July 12, 2009 0
few days missing from here again~
nowadays was chasing about ASQ!
my idol Min's new song was out!
《最好的结局》~~oh I love it so much!!!
《Mr.Right不要耍赖》 by 洁钰 also very nice!
ahaha~ hope Min will get the champion!! =X [Kah Fai supporter don't scold me]
and also from yesterday [11th July] until 25th July are the voting days!
support Min!!! woohoo~~
all the steps are type ASQ3 to 33888 for 1 vote [50sen per msg] ;
ASQ103 to 33888 for 10 vote [RM5 for 10 votes]
hehe~ thanks for those who vote for her! xD






Repeat *




Tuesday, 7 July 2009

School Life 7/7

July 07, 2009 0
Today~so syok that Bio and BM teacher was absent xD
2 period of Bio after PJK~chit chat non-stop with them~
and another BM 1 period at the Hall. chit chat non-stop again xD
LOL. and today the school dentist came and check many of us geh teeth
me too but luckyly I'm in "braceses" xD (paiseh forget how to spell =.=)
and actually nothing special happen...
and thanks for XiaoBai gave me the Dragonica Setup
woohoo~thanks dude! I'm gonna try out the Online games! xD
fighting~~ahaha 1st time play this kind of game
but I wan to try SDO!! T.T
I have called ev to give me the installer too but my thumbdrive was so naugthy!!
ish...but now, my mum started to blame about my results T.T
why am I so lazy?! this question I have been ask myself over 10 times =.=

I really addicted on my computer...
meetoto. facebook. blog. and slowly maybe will in online games!
haiz...what gonna do?! just let it be~ =.=
and I hate ORAL!!! this Thursday...
Pity me kena at the 1st!!!
ish... hate that NOOB english teacher! why put me at the 1st~~ T_T
haiz...and tomorrow...assembly! gonna cut my nails~
and my trophy...wait for me!!! tomorrow I'm gonna get you back! xD LOL.

Monday, 6 July 2009

Boring day

July 06, 2009 0
It's Monday already...haiz...
Jing Yan was absent today. such a BORING day!!
but actually my class all st.john girls was absent because of their Flag days xD
hohoho~and Yan yesterday came my house
so lucky that she got come to air itam~
she said that she tak boleh tahan d because walk until so long
really quite a long way from air itam bus stop come to my house @@
and after she reach my house,
she and her junior came up my house and drink some water
really pity them la...walk until......
just lucky that I didn't join st.john xD
hiak hiak hiak =X

Friday, 3 July 2009


July 03, 2009 0

终于的终于……终于到了星期五啊!woohoo~~ xD
功课突然多到~~我竟然能因为功课多而不上网 =
整整抄了4篇PM作文和2面的PJK folio
噩梦啊啊啊!!我的手……现在不成形了啊啊啊 T_T
今早还痛到要放plaster顶住才不会酱痛……可是始终还是酱痛 =.=

话说星期三那天,补习中心内飞来了只小鸟 @@
最后,可怜的它“终于”到最后被风扇打到后跌在地上死掉了 =.=
勇敢的阿董[在夸奖你啊 =.=]去看下情况后,
便拍起来 =.= [照片其实我有,可是放上来好像有点……]
说了长篇大论,始终好像都没有讲到我们的老师 =.=
所以还是我们的阿董棒!颁你个勇敢奖 XD

可是因为笑过头,忘记有什么好笑的东西了 =.=
所以现在应该是可以让此文章终止了^^ 哇呵呵~

Wednesday, 1 July 2009


July 01, 2009 0
现在来继续写我的history~ xD

27th June:
补课hoi~但是我……我……我ponteng! =X
讲到好像10封都写完了酱 =.= 算咯~ =P
过后晚上……miss掉一天的新秀节目 T_T
不能怪…像我酱"siao"新秀的人竟然孝顺到甘愿看重播而去妈妈生日 [很明显我在脸皮厚ing =X]
不过1:miss掉丫丫兹啊啊啊~~~上新秀的什么创词的东东~~唔唔唔 T_T
不过2:当天在餐厅瞒开心蛮好玩的 XD 还有KTV来唱啊~不过全是老歌 =.=

28th June:

29th June:
eyer~~我表啦……应该是上个星期miss class后功课干不完吧 O.O
过后下午computer class……考试!
我们就直接有脸到上facebook和blogspot XD
晚上又有补习哦…… T_T
功课也一直在拼……几辛苦下的 >.<
以后都不敢再ponteng了 T.T

30th June:
挖马铃薯的的肉!做到我上瘾咧 XDXD
如果我家有那东西,我一定把整“loli”的马铃薯搬回家慢慢挖 (不用怀疑,我是不正常的 =.=)
算了……再说会心痛 T_T

1th July
回想第一天来上课的当天……好像昨天哦 O.O
哇呵呵~也没什么……等下又要继续赶功课了 T_T

[P/S: 新照片~呵呵谢谢捧场 ^^]