Saturday, 20 June 2009

Min, gambateh! =D

Today...damn our school have cocuriculum =.=
but I no need to go for Persatuan Beruniform xD
but I'm so tired than other cocuriculum days
dance dance dance...SO TIRED!
so hate of it...whole body sticky oily and sweaty!
eww... who call I joint this suck teacher's club =.=
LOL. the chinese dance... I have no face to see those GB members T.T
so.....[ask GB members =.=]

P/S: I'm sucha STEAM today...before and after activity...差一点kena车/motor撞 =.=

After that, went home ofcourse.
so sleepy Zzz...but I'm lazy to sleep xD (nonsence ==)
and my's just too complicated...
but until now I have done to put my song into it ^^

wahaha~~and I'm also just came back from watching ASQ.
Min is still so pretty and she sing so WELL!!!
ahaha~I hope that she can go to TOP 5 ^^

GAMBATEH!!! wahaha XD leng luii leng luii~~~
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