Friday, 19 June 2009

School Life 19/6

Today is a FRIDAY =D
my lovely day~~~ wheeee~~~
but I remember the most DAMN thing is...
That stupid idiot english teacher DAMN brainless!!
Monday I was absent,
she gave my class the answer of the midyear exam's essay
but they did hand in at the same day
so don't have anyone can lend me that essay answer
then today teacher just gave them back
and only she realize that I didn't hand in
but actually no one tells me about this thing
so when teacher ask for my books, I just "gong gong" look at her
then she called me to STAND. Damn her!
and I told her that I absent on that day and no one can lend me their book
the answer of her is: "very good! so many days already and you still can't borrow from them"
WTF! they have already hand in to you! how can I borrow!
HATE you DAMN much!! ish...

I might change the topic =.= hate to keep saying her =X
and today, is surpose to be a great teacher's day!
but this year is absolutely special
last few years we celebrate with some Party and we have Concert too
but this year after that "ghost" came,
we just can let teacher celebrate themself.
but today, our school Pengerusi sent our school CAKES!
and not just for teachers but Every classes!!
before recess, every class form teacher went back to their own class
and they cut cakes eat cakes with their own class students!
my class too! and the cake it's quite delicious ^^
but just the cream on's too oily! eww...
ahaha~ and after that, every student surpose to go to the hall for the teacher's day assembly~
but until last,
those dancers that are going to competition on next thursday were suddenly called to meeting
woohoo~~~ at least I have the chance to walk xD
LOL. and...that's all for here ^^ hehe

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