Friday, 22 May 2009

Last day of Exam

hehe~ at is the last day of exam OF THIS WEEK.
that means next week still need to continue those HELL life T_T
but now i'm going to PLAY all of my games for relaxing awhile
but tomorrow going to look after my BIOLOGY books!! hate it >.<
but on Sunday i will not going to study...
cause i'm going to celebrate my birthday in meetoto =D
so happy that still can celebrate in this year ^^
but just earlier 4 days...haiz...
*anyone who plays meetoto are welcome to my party! ^^ just FLY after me~
on my birthday need to exam CHEMISTRY >,<
and after chemistry i'm going to study my most hate 2 subjects...
MORAL & SEJARAH!!! arhh~~~damn it >.<

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