Friday, 24 April 2009

Have fun in Canteen day!

wulala~~this year we were have fun in today's Canteen day =D
for me, last few years i felt so boring and not fun at all
today we were so high!! XD
we eat a lot (although I don't like it very much =X)
it's quite expensive...all foods are FATS!!!
after we eat, we sing and high together =D
so good that this year can celebrate it so happily cause next year we are going to serve but not to eat T.T

ORAL... it's over...HURRAY!! (what so happy =.=!)
just that I no need to worry about CHEATING 0.0
muahaha~~ (mouth zipped =X)
that's just our 4S3 do such funny but stupid thing =.=
(ask me about that if you want to know XD)

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