Tuesday, 14 April 2009

School Life 14/4

Today so fun that bio and add maths teachers were absent XD
3 period have no teachers...haha

then later after recess,
sudenly get called to headmistress office @@!
whole thing is about our tarian ==
hate our Guru Pembimbing WGL!!!
two head snake =.= ishh...

after that... that BM period again...
still 2 period!! and after i came back from office,
"hand in komsas!!!"
damn shit!! i haven't finish some exercises!!
crush again == and my hands pain again T.T
so hate bout that...ishh~

forget about last few days diary,
saturday my cousin came my house with her little rabbit name Bull Dog =.=!!
it's a rabbit...but it name as Bull DOG... SWEAT!
it's very very very cute!!!! so geram about it!!!! ahhh~~~~

look!! isn't that cute~~~ haha XD love it so much!!! >.<

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