Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Broken English here~

huahuahua~~ [new kind of laugh =.=]suprised? ENGLISH here XD
most of my friends are all using english in their blog...
it's better to improve your english in this way
but why am I just in chinese?
that's not the way to let me improve my english
my chinese also not very well =.=
so i decide to use 2 languages while writing my blog ^^
(by following my mood XD)

*additional : If i have any broken english here, please let me know.Thanks XD
now, im just back from buying new school uniform near my house
the reason ofcourse the only 1, it's spoiled =~= [how was it spoiled? don't ask XP]for me, a quite rude person =0=...
buying new uniform is just a quite normal thing although I just bought it 2nd time ==
and so, tomorrow still not gonna wear it
cause tomorrow its a Uniform Day...
hate about that T.T
nowadays are so hot!! gonna kill by sun!!
thats all... such a verbiage article =.=

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