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My Most Effective Way of Slimming! | Susenji

Hello Pinkyies! I bet a lot of you have heard about this famous slimming product that has been shared by a lot of people or influencers across social media, which is Susenji (瘦身奇). I get to know about this product from my friend Apple who has been recommending this product to everyone! Those testimony showing how awesome this product is got me curious, and I have to try it out myself to know if the effectiveness is true or not.

Some of you might think that this is a gimmick product too like how I did before I tried it out, but I think you should continue reading this post before you judge because I'm going to share my usage result after using it for a month! (See the image above also know there will be good results haha)

*Disclaimer: I'm not selling this product! Please don't email me to place order ok 😂 
If you're interested to buy this, please contact Apple thru her Wechat: @apple_lse

Susenji is a body slimming gel to get rid of stubborn fats and bloated area in the easiest way. It's highly recommended by a lot of influencers out there because it's convenient to use, very effective and it's not oilynot sticky and no burning sensation! 大家都说它不油不黏不辣!

According to the product description itself, it says that it's able to reduce about 1 to 5cm in a week, while obese people might be able to lose 1 to 3cm (which I will suggest obese people to take detox drink instead). It is also able to give you 4 amazing effects:
  1. Expel Excess Water From Body
  2. Increase The Fat Burning Rate
  3. Eliminate Vivotoxin
  4. Increase The Efficiency of Skin Care.

Susenji body slimming gel is suitable for people who:
  1. Need to lose weight (me)
  2. Keen to lose weight but afraid of side effect (me)
  3. Don’t like to work out (also me) and
  4. Men with pot belly (I'm lady with pot belly)

Close up look on the product and size.

I've searched thru online on how this product's ingredient works to reduce fats and excess water from the body. One of the ingredient in the product is Menthol which is an amazing element that helps to unclog and burn fat that able to break down the stubborn fat granule.

Menthol in the product helps the fat burning ingredient to penetrate into the body, in order to clear the disturbance of the lipid cell barriers. It is cooling and gentle, and able to keep skin firm. It may also clean blood vessels, stimulates nervous system and promote microcirculation and increase the fat burning rate, by promoting detox and perspire of lymphatic.

In short, Susenji is a slimming product for lazy people (like me) cause you only need 5 minutes of a day to apply and massage the gel on your body parts that need to be slimmed down. It's also a supplement for ladies as it works well in skin beautifying by promoting hormone excretion.

The product is a transparent gel type, quite liquidy and not sticky at all, easy to absorb into the skin! And it has a really nice smell!

Usage Direction

  1. Apply appropriate amount on the necessary parts (apply after shower or before exercise is the best for absorption)
  2. Massage gently until the product is thoroughly absorbed
  3. Apply twice a day after shower (day and night) for better result.

Here's a short video showing how I normally apply it on my thigh area. 
Best way to let it absorb into all your fats is to squeeze your fats while applying it.

I would consider myself as a heavy user of this product as I used it twice per day on thighs, belly and sometimes on my arms. This one bottle last me for about 3 weeks plus. If you only want to focus it on one part of your body, of course it will last longer.

Some notes and cautions that you need to be aware of while using this product:
  • The heat may be felt a few minutes later after application.
  • The amount of application may be adjusted based on individual circumstances.
  • Do not apply on eyes. Flush with large amount of water if product gets into eyes.
  • Wash hands with hand soup after application.
  • Not suitable for pregnant ladies and kids below 10 years old.

Results and verdicts

Just like a lot of you, it's hard to get yourself to trust on products with such an unbelievable effects that were spread thru social media because it's not selling in store or promoted on TV.

But since Apple herself is using it on a daily basis, and I believe that she only sells products that she knows is effective, that's why I'm willing to give it a try.

So be hold, my result after using Susenji for a month! (First time showing my ugly body shape in my blog, please help me to share this blog post for more views okay 🙏)

Thigh area
See the difference? My thigh gap is bigger now and it looks less bloated!

Waist & Belly Area
My waist was so out of shape and ugly. The difference is not super obvious but at least I don't look bloated now, especially my belly!

Overall (Most obvious is my legs)
Comparing the previous me and the me right now!

Honestly I did not expect the result to be this good. I was so shocked when I did the photo collage to compare. So I personally think it's quite a good investment for people who have unwanted fats at unwanted areas like me. It's super easy and convenient to use and it's effective!

The result is also depends on different user's skin absorption level cause some of them can see big changes within 2-3 days, but some (like me) can only see it after a week. Besides, it also depends on your lifestyle. For example, I walk to work from LRT every day and have some dance practice session few days a week, and these activities definitely help more on the product's effectiveness.

Of course you won't expect to see me turning from normal body shape to super model body shape within a month cause it will be very untrue to know a bottle of massage gel can turn me into a model just within a month! At least I will need 4-6 bottles and really use it every singe day, twice.

But if you're looking for overnight result, I'm sorry you are at the wrong place. You might need a surgery instead of wasting money on product like this. Cardio also won't give you overnight instant effect please!

If I really have to say one bad thing about this product? I don't like it when I rubbed my eyes and feels hurt after forgetting to wash my hand (LOL 😂), that's why it's best to use the body massager to apply and massage, in terms of effectiveness and to prevent the product from staying in your hands.

But still I'm saying this product is really what it says - the gel that is very light and absorb into the skin almost instantly after apply, and not sticky + not oily + not heaty!

So if you're interested to hands on to try out this product, feel free to contact Apple thru her Wechat: apple_lse or Facebook or Instagram.

Do follow Apple on her social media as well so that you can keep yourself updated on any new Susenji promotions and activities like previous giveaway of body massagers or baby Susenji! All of these promotions and activities are always selling like hot cakes, so make sure you keep an eye on her Wechat or Instastory for latest updates!

Product Information

Name: Susenji Body Slimming Gel
Country of Origin: France
Volume: 100ml
Price: MYR148 for 1; MYR266 for 2; MYR498 for 4
Where to buy: Wechat: apple_lse | Facebook | Instagram

Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review purpose. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and based on my personal experiences and preferences. Results may vary on different person. 
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