Sunday, 10 September 2017

My Normal Day Out Look (2017)

Not sure how long I haven't been sharing some my fashion diary in my blog already. Anyway here's a quick one which I'm sharing my current favourite casual top & bag I used on daily basis.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

b.liv O2 Bubbly Bright Oxygenating Mask Review

Hey Pinkyies! Finally another mask review after so long. If you have followed my blog since last year, you know that b.liv is one of my favourite skincare brand that showed awesome result on my skin, especially their Repair & Rescue Mask!

Now my skin has finally improved where I can start to try out brightening products to lighten my scars, so I've tried out one of their new product - b.liv O2 Bubbly Bright Oxygenating Mask which the mask will form bubble foams after you applied to your skin!

So today I'm sharing my usage experience of this product to you guys! Keep reading cause I have a special discount code for you to shop them if you want to try them out as well!