Monday, 17 February 2014

[Beauty] bloop Nail Stickers Review

First of all, I apologize for the lack of updates in my blog recently! Was busying with my society last week and also busying of getting more sleep after the event. Heh. And of course, busying dating with the loved one few days back. :3

Anyway, this is gonna be my quick post of the week, to show I'm not dead. And I'm going to start the war with my notes and books soon! :'(

So after reviewing bloop's Nail Polish and Nail/Toe Strips, now let me present you their Nail Stickers!

What you need: Top coat/Nail polish, Nail sticker and a Twizzlers. 

Love this design very much!

How to nail it with bloop

  1. Choose the sticker that you want to have it in that particular nail.
  2. Align and place the nail sticker accordingly to your own design.
  3. Using bloop top coat nail polish for protection.
Tips: When the nail polish is half dry, apply the stickers on so that it will be more sticky and stable on your nails.

So what I did first is I apply base coat and nail polish as the base.

The ugly nails before apply colours.

Left hand: I used the blue-silver colour from bloop (Code: H522) as the base because I thought that end up it might have a little "Frozen" (the movie) feel XD
Right hand: I'm afraid that the left hand's colour will end up look weird so I decided to use another hot colour which I thought it will be very "sakura" feel XD 
*Sorry for the ugly painted nail polish as I'm not a left-handed, and the nail polish is getting stickier*

TADAA! I'm lovin' it!!

I accidentally ruined my thumb one so.....
be careful with that! Especially if you're a housewife or... a maid?

*Sorry for the bad quality of photos! ><*

 Which one do you think it's nicer? :)

Btw, they also have nail stickers for kids! Which the stickers are in a smaller size and of course it's cheaper compare to the adult one! How cute it is~~ I saw them in Watsons and I felt like getting them for my little cousins! But too bad they're school reopening that time ><

How to remove Nail Stickers

  1. Remove top coat with nail polish remover. (if necessary)
  2. Dip nails into warm water for 5-10 minutes. Peel off nail stickers.
  3. Remove any excess with bloop nail polish remover.
  4. Voila!

Benefits of Nail Stickers

  • Fast & Easy to use to create your own Nail Art
  • Mix & Match based on your own creativity
  • Accessorize your Nails & make it more stunning!

My Opinion

I'm kinda addicted to this little thing actually! I love how the designs given and how easy and pretty this nail stickers can be done ourselves!

Anyway, bloop's website is now finally launched! You can check out all prices of the nail polishes, nail strips, nail stickers and even other beauty products from there! Click here to visit their webstore and click here to choose your favourite bloop nail stickers nao! You can get these Nail Stickers from any Watsons outlet!

Lastly, big thanks to HiShop and bloop for sponsoring many of us (bloggers) to review on bloop's Nail Polish, Nail Strips, Toe Strips and the Nail Stickers! Without them, we won't know how easy and how fast we can dress up our nails!

For more information, kindly visit:

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  1. Look likes bloop has a series of products on nails. Thanks!

    1. Yup, and they are pretty awesome!!! Haha np ;)

  2. wow stickers so cute, look at your nails beautiful :D

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  4. The stickers are so pretty! :)

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  5. Nice nails!!! <3 Bet u need a lot of patience to make your nails so pretty!

    1. Thanks! Haha not really because their nail strips and nail stickers are very easy to use! XD

  6. the patterns are so cute! it definitely wont stay long on rough girl's hand like me :/

    1. Haha normally they won't stay long on me too cause I'm super careless ^^"