Thursday, 13 June 2013

Fashion Diary #1

Just wanna share out the photoshoots I did by myself during my last month's sembreak. Most of em are done while waiting for my babes to pick me up for our outing.

All of the pictures I didn't edit much. I just simply wanna show my outfits, hairstyles, make up and body shape nah just kiddin'. The lighting in the pictures is a bit imba cause I'm not a real photographer who knows how to set this set that, and all of the full body shoots are taken by my digital camera only :)

Yea it's gonna be full of my faces and some captions only. Hope you'll like it ;)

The Hot-Weather Outfit :)
I name is hot weather is because it's super hot during that time and I have to tie up a bun to cool myself :D I love this outfit a lot cause the top is like a crop tee with some string design which can match with a high waist shorts, and they're simple and comfy! :)

*sucha poser me :P*

Peace! :)

I have bloating~~~!! :(((

Another poser look *emo*

Favourite shoot! :D


The face of the day

I highlighted my hair if you believe me :]

Start selca-ing cause I still have time

The head of the day

Sexy lips-ed from camera360 :D

Finally, the list of the outfits:
-Top from Topshop (from my sis)
-Pants borrowed from sis
-Shoes from House of TREATS
-Bag given by mom
-Hair extension (the colour hair in my bun) from @leaccessories (instagram)
-Necklace from 

The Monday Outfit
Another casual outfit for outing but I'm wearing leather pants in another hot day :o Just because I wanna match it with my boots-alike shoes. loll

Favourite shoot!

And the indoor shoots are done. Now the outdoor shoots taken by Shi Min :)

Chok yong! XD

-Top given by sis
-Leather Pants from H&M
-Shoes from GoodArch (it's granny's)
-Left hand bracelet gifted by my BFF and Right hand bracelet given by sis's bf :)

That's all first.
Let me know which style you think suits me better,
and how would you dress up in a hot weather. :)
Till then. x
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