Saturday, 6 August 2011

You're fooled! ;)

Wassup people!
Just came in for an update since I was here and was going to close up myself later since i failed my bio test 2 T.T

Well, I was actually...... kinda admire myself. =.=
I still can act as a gas particle that moves freely and happilly like nothing's gonna happen.
I'm facing 3 tests next week in 3 days in a row!!!
Dammit. Maths on Wednesday, Chemistry on Thursday and the worst is Mechanics on Friday!!
Mechanics, you made me can't get back to my hometown on the next weekend! T.T
Best of luck to me then. ;'((((((((

Oh ya! A very good thing to say that is,
if you saw the pictures that I posted in my Facebook and you'll know that
Aww don't be jealous if you're one of the fan of him. ;)
Actually I'm not a fan of him. =.=
I just wanna go for a happy concert to vent with my buddy after the evily and bloody tests!
Well, will upload the pictures on that day on Facebook and probably here too. ;)

Alright, the last thing to say in this post.
Did you get shock of my very 1st picture in this post?
Do you believe in this?
If you did, you're good! Cause you believe in me. xD
Well, let me tell you the truth.
not shorten my hair.
Hah! You're fooled! Cause I'm bored. ==
I set this as my Facebook profile picture last week, and I lied to everyone that it's real! XD
They believed in me especially my 2 besties JingYan and Dongdong (a.k.a Jesea - her new name ==)
They really believe in it cause we have been long time that didn't met each other. :(
Sorry that I lied to you guys but it's just for fun! :D And I miss you guys badly! ;(
Well, wonder how can I shorten my hair without using a scissors?
The answer is, I have a layered hair.
You'll understand it if your hair is in layer too. ;)

Okay now. I said that it's my last part so I'm gonna end at here now.
And yay! Mom and sis and bro is coming down tomorrow! Opps! This is an extra part! =X
Bye peeps and have a nice weekend! ;)
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