Thursday, 10 March 2011

I love outing with friends! ♥

As what I titled, I love outing! :D
2 days in a row, hanged out with buddies.
But today, Imma agoraphobic girl. X)

8 March 2011 - Woman's day.
Decided to go to XiaoHui's house, just for chit-chating.
But after YinXuan came, we changed our plan - let's hang out!
Since YinXuan got her mom's car, let's go then! XD

In her Alza.

We went to 1st avenue to meet up Jolyn and Winson since they were there too.
Before meet up, we just hanging around and find some friends there.

In front of my favourite shop again. XD

After that, we met up at Kim Gary. Ate our lunch at there.
Then, don't know where to go and we don't feel to go home yet. ;x
The only way to go is - Cinema or Redbox.
So, our last decision is - REDBOX! Yay! xD
Luckily there's still got rooms for 5 of us.

We sing, we shout, and we play!
Had a lot of fun with them. :)

Me, XiaoHui, Jolyn and YinXuan.  Happy 38 woman's day! XD
Although we're still not a woman yet, but we're female. =P
But we still didn't forget our male friend Winson. x)

5 of us. Took by the staff of Redbox.

After that, went home before 8pm since 3 of us are Cinderella. =P
It was actually just a sudden outing with friends.
I hope that we still have the chance to have fun together.
Once again, happy 38 woman's day! :)) (although it's over now. XP)

9 March 2011. 
This is not a sudden outing.
BoonYan was having her college holiday, so we decided to hang out with old pals together.
Too bad that our TKF is still working. :(
We went to Gurney Redbox.
(Redbox again "=.=?)
(Yea, Redbox again. XD)

As usual, we sing and 'shout' songs together! We still have the same hobby. XD

The room was actually very big without TKF. XD

So enjoy? Yea, we enjoyed a lot! 

My old pals- BoonYan, AhFok, Weline & Me

3 of us are Crazy-ing! But I love the way we crazay

After that, shopping shopping~!
But Weline went to CheeWei's house to watch taiwan drama. =.="
So, 3 of us walked for 2 hours++,
and the end, I bought a new iPhone cover, AGAIN! XD
I roooove it soooo much! (will upload soon x))
And both of them bought 2 little hanging bear bear.
And I found a dream place at here too, that is a part of Parkson...
with full of hello kitty stuffs! OMG!
It's pretty! But the price are even more pretty. Y(=~=)Y


Evereyone was like : "Want it? buy it then."
And I was like : "Want to see the price? It cost RM100+++!" (forgotten the real figure =.=)
OMG! mamamia! It hurts me... T.T
I promise myself that I will earn a lot of money in the future, and I will buy up the Sanrio Company! (I know that I'm dreaming. XD)

Alright. Stop dreaming and wake up. Continue blogging. x)
Actually, we just hanging around,
and AhFok is looking for a new pencil case for her college.
And something happen badly, that is,
Weline took AhFok's car park ticket. LOL!
Luckily Weline still can come back and return it to her. XD
So we waited, and took some pictures. Heh!

3 shorty. =X

AhFok the driver. Yeng dao~ XD

That's all for our fun day.
I want to hang out again again!!
TKF, next outing you must be there!
And others, don't miss it too!
I'm so afraid that will have no chance to hang out again after we go to our own college. :(

I love you guys!
Thanks for having a great day with me.
Appreciated  much! 
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