Monday, 21 February 2011

Off days of my work. (replace)

15th February.

Finally get to rest, due to yesterday is valentine's day.
It's really very busy, busy than new year eve..I don't know why. O.O
But I got my very 1st valentine flower from a regular customer last night!

Aww..I love it so much, and there's a diamond on it! X3

Anyway, went to 1st avenue with Jing Yan and Dong Dong today.
Redbox! Yeappy~
Sing, shout, dance, GET HIGH!
Released all the pressure of working!! XD
After that, dong dong went home early.
Me and Jing Yan go to shopping @ there, and then to Prangin.
Went to met Weline, ebulyn and TKF @ Prangin too. :)


21th February - My very last off day.

I'm stopping my work until this month, so this is my very last off day.
Early morning went to UHS with XiaoBai to sell all my SPM reference books.
(Pee/asS: DongDong was sick in the morning.)
Aftere selling the books, went to 1st avenue, again.
But XiaoBai not following, and Dong Dong will meet me later on.
We decided to come to 1st avenue again is because we want to try on the beanbag of the cinema TGV.
But I don't want to watch the movie of beanbags.
So I bought the tickets of I love HK!

Before movie, I was alone at there,
but luckily I met Huai Theng.
She is going to meet Shiau Min, Sze Yong, Hui Shin and Jia Ying for lunch.
Since I was alone, I followed her to meet them,
and we had lunch @ Kim Gary.
Guess what? They're going to watch the same time same movie with us too! :D

After that, me and Dong Dong went to shop shop shop.
And she brought me to a shop that I love very very very much!

AHHH!!! *screaming*
And I did buy something there...
Taadaa! The shirt! Awww love it damn much! x)

After shopping, snapping! And go home. X)
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